Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Policies and Procedures

Christmas Tree Program - General Administration (prev.ref. 8.20)

Christmas Tree Program - Permit Replacement (prev.ref. 8.21)

Cutting Permit Extension and Surrender (prev.ref. 8.26)

Cutting Permit Postponement - 2008

Forest Practices Code Transition: Amendments to Cutting Permits, Road Permits, TSLs, and Operational Plans (prev.ref. 8.22)

Forest Service Roads Standard Operating Procedures (prev.ref. 8.25)

Government Actions Regulation (GAR): Policy and Procedures Manual - 2013

Grade 4 Volume For Cut Control Adjustment, Guidelines for Documenting

Licence to Cut Administration Manual

Special Use Permit Administration (prev.ref. 8.27)

Species Adjustment Factors - Strategy for Eliminating Interim Adjustment Factors (October 12, 2011)

Species Adjustment Factors - Reconcile Historical Cut control Practices With the New Log Grades, Methodology (Feb. 2006)

Woodlot Licence Program - Blanket Salvage Permits (Dec. 8 2007)

Woodlot Licence Program - General Administration  (prev. ref. 8.7)

Woodlot Licence Program - Competition, Evaluation, and Award  (prev. ref. 8.9)

Woodlot Licence Program - Private Land Deletions  (prev. ref. 8.8)

Woodlot Licence Program - Replacement  (prev. ref. 8.10)

Woodlot Licence Program - Transfer Procedures