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Replaceable Timber Sale Licence (TSL) Conversions

Section 24 of the Forest Act is the legislative basis for replaceable timber sale licences.  These licences date from pre-1979 and were grand parented into the Forest Act at that time.  In 2004 the government decided to convert these outdated and small volume tenures into other forms of agreement by repealing and replacing section 24 of the Forest Act.  The reasons for this decision were:

  • Restrict the use of the term TSL to non-replaceable competitive licences issued by BCTS.

  • Reduce the use of limited ministry resources and streamline the regulatory burden required to administer these relatively small volume licences.

As of December 2010 the majority of the original 102 replaceable TSLs have been converted to other forms of agreement including; woodlot licences, forest licences, and forestry licence to cuts.  However there are still a limited number of replaceable TSLs that have not yet been converted.  These licences are set to expire in 2012 or 2013 and cannot be replaced after expiry due to the repeal of the TSL replacement mechanisms found under the previous section 24.


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