Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Fibre Recovery Tenures


The Forest Act includes provisions for two timber tenures that have the purpose of accessing road and landing waste that will not be utilized by the person who conducted the original harvesting. These two fibre recovery tenures are the Fibre Supply Licence to Cut (FSLTC); and the Fibre Forestry Licence to Cut (FFLTC). The framework for issuing these tenures include a notification process whereby once harvesting is completed on a specific block, the primary harvester will be required to provide notice whether or not the waste remaining on the block will be utilized. If not, the rights to the fibre maybe allocated to the holder of one of these tenures.


Licence Templates:

Forms and Templates


Applicable Sections;
FFLTC: 47.6 (2.11); 47.7; 47.73(1); 47.9; 79.1
FSLTC: 47.71; 47.72; 47.73; 47.9; 79.1