Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

One Cutting Permit for Community Forest Agreements and Woodlot Licences

The basic concept of one Cutting Permit is to create lower administration costs and a streamlined process for government, woodlot licensees and Community Forest agreement holders.  Tabular rates are in effect for both forms of tenure and the need for multiple Cutting Permit submissions has become unnecessary based on the fact there is no need for appraisal submissions.  This reduces application requirements for licensees and processing by government and provides the licensee the ability to quickly react to niche markets or demand.  In keeping with a results-based approach/model, the licensee must report on activities upon completion, eliminating the need for amendments as block boundaries or road locations change through the harvesting process.  Woodlot Licences and Community Forest Agreements that are not on tabular rates are not eligible for a one-Cutting Permit.