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AAC, Apportionment and Commitment Reports

The AAC of each timber supply area (TSA) and tree farm licence (TFL) is determined by the chief forester, at least once every 10 years, under authority of Section 8 of the Forest Act.  Furthermore, the Chief Forester may specify portions of the allowable annual cut (AAC) to different types of timber and terrain within a management unit; also known as partitions.  For further information on AAC determinations visit the Forest Analysis and Inventory website .

The Minister, under the authority of Section 10 of the Forest Act, may apportion the AAC of a TSA to the various forms of agreement that may be issued under Section 12 of the Forest Act.  Furthermore, the Minister, if permitted to do so under a TFL, may make AAC within a TFL available to persons other than the TFL holder.  The Minister apportions the AAC in consideration of government objectives for the area, the timber quality, existing commitments and other relevant information.

The apportioned AAC is used to support new and existing tenures (or licences).  Only licences with an AAC (TFLs, forest licences) are listed in the apportionment reports.  AAC apportioned to woodlot licences (WL), community forest agreements (CFA) and First Nations woodland licences (FNWL) is used to support new agreements.  Once a WL , CFA or FNWL is established, the supporting Crown land and AAC are removed from the source TSA. 

The majority of volume apportioned to other forms of agreement is tendered through the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, British Columbia Timber Sales (BCTS).  The apportionment reports include the BCTS apportionment but does not report on their issued licences, with the exception of certain non-replaceable forest licences.  In addition the apportionment reports do not report on issued WLs, CFAs, FNWL or Forestry Licence to Cut.

For more information on the forest tenure system in B.C. refer to our Timber Tenure System brochure

Apportionment and Proportionate Reduction Guidance for a Declining Timber Supply

Apportionment Reports

The Apportionment reports (below) show provincial AAC, apportionments and commitments by forest management unit in the province. As changes occur these reports are refreshed.  Information is current as of the date specified on the report.  Note: New regulations enact historic Great Bear Rainforest legislation

Reports - Report ID Current Reports
Timber Supply Area (TSA) - APTR011 2017/18
Regional Summary by TSA - APTR013 2017/18
AAC Summary By TSA - APTR017 2017/18
TFL Summary - APTR021 2017/18
Provincial Summary - APTR032 2017/18
Provincial Summary By Region - APTR033 2017/18
Linkages and Licences - APTR041 2017/18
Provincial Linkage AAC - APTR043 2017/18
TFL Summary report (APTR021) does not include area based AAC's.  See [Area Based AACs]

Previous year-end reports (ending March 31)

2016/17 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14 2012/13
2011/12 2010/11 2009/10 2008/09 2007/08

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