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Annual Rent

Annual rent for tenures and permits serves to assert the government's interest in its property and resources, and provides compensation for reserving them in favour of the tenure or permit holder.  It also serves as a deterrent to the acquisition and holding of rights over land and resources in excess of the tenure or permit holder's needs.

The Forest Act (Sec. 111) requires the holder of a forest licence, timber licence, tree farm licence, community forest agreement, community salvage licence, woodlot licence, and forestry licence to cut issued under a pulpwood agreement to pay annual rent to the government.  Holders of special use permits (SUP) issued under the Provincial Forest Use Regulation are also charged fees under the authority of the Financial Administration Act (Sec. 47).  The annual rent rates for tenures issued under the Forest Act are set forth in the Annual Rent Regulation (B.C. Reg. 122/03).  SUP fees are calculated in accordance with the policies and procedures of the individual organizational administrative unit and are specified within the Provincial Guidebook for Resource Clerks.

Annual rent is received with a tenure application in accordance with the Advertising, Deposit, Disposition and Extensions Regulation.  Annual rent is subsequently billed on an annual basis on or before the licence or permit's anniversary date.  The administrative organization unit responsible for issuing and administering the licence or permit prepares annual rent invoices.  The Forest Tenures Administration (FTA) system is used to prepare annual rent invoices for most issued licences and permits on their anniversary date.  Annual rent for tree farm licences and all non-anniversary related adjustments to annual rent billing are processed directly through the General Billing System (GBS).


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