Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Timber Licence (TL)

TLs originated from old temporary tenures (special timber licences, timber berths, timber leases, pulp licences, or pulp leases) issued between 1896 and 1930.  As a result of the recommendations of the Pearse Royal Commission (PRC) of 1976, the Forest Act was amended in 1979 to provide for the conversion of old temporary tenures (OTTs) to TLs.  The conversion process required licensees to submit to the regional manager a schedule proposing a time and sequence for the orderly harvesting of the merchantable timber subject to the old temporary tenure.  The regional manager then offered replacement licences in the form of a TL with terms based on the submitted harvest schedule.  Resulting licence terms ranged from only a few years up to 50 years.


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