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Revenue Sharing:   The stumpage payable under FNWLs will be based on the market pricing system (MPS) in accordance with the Coast and Interior Appraisal Manuals.  A portion of the billed stumpage will be shared if the First Nation holds a Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement (FCRSA).   Generally, revenue sharing will be calculated at percentages specified within the FCRSA and based on the proportion harvest volume attributable to the Licence AAC that was from Bill 28 (Forest Revitalization) as identified for each First Nation on March 14, 2004.  


Tenure Deposit:  Prior to issuance of the FNWL, and in accordance with the Advertising, Deposits, Disposition and Extensions Regulation (ADDER), the holder will be required to  submit a tenure deposit of $.10/m3 of Allowable Annual Cut (AAC).  However, the tenure deposit may be waived if the First Nation holds an agreement (such as an FCRSA) and that agreement would allow government to withhold revenue sharing payments in lieu of outstanding tenure obligations.


Annual Rent and Annual Rent Rebate:  After the licence is issued, FNWL holders will be required to pay annual rent equal to $.12/m3/yr of Allowable Annual Cut (AAC). In addition, when the FTOA is signed, a commitment will be made to rebate a portion of the “general rent” paid by a First Nation and associated with the replaceable ‘Bill 28’ allowable annual cut within direct award licences since 2008.  The rebate will be paid when the FNWL is issued, subject to their accounts being in good standing. 


Additional information on the FNWL revenue sharing, and annual rent rebates  can be found within the direct award guidelines or from First Nations Relations Branch.    For additional information on Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreements, please contact First Nations Relations Branch or Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation .