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Private Timber Marks

When you see a logging truck, you might see timber marks that are painted on the logs with spray paint or hammered onto the end of the log. Private timber marks are required for transporting logs from privately-owned land. A private timber mark certifies the ownership of the logs and helps to prevent theft of the province‚Äôs timber from Crown land. Timber marks are usually 5 letters, like ABCDE.

How do I apply for a private timber mark? 

Print and complete the Timber Mark Application form and forward it to your local Natural Resource District Office or FrontCounter BC Office. See below for the district map of Contacts for Private Timber Marks in your area.

Do I need a separate timber mark for each parcel of property I own?

No, one mark can be used on many different properties.

Is it possible to renew an expired or cancelled timber mark?

Yes, some people want to keep their old hammers. Just select the "renewal" option at the top of the application form.

Where can I find more information?

Click on the "Timber Marks for Private Land Brochure" for more details. You can also send your questions to but do not send your application here.  You have to apply for a timber mark through your local Natural Resource District or FrontCounter BC office.

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