Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Web-Based Tenure Applications

Most business interactions between forest licensees and MFR staff are now conducted electronically.  Cutting permit applications, scale data submissions, and silviculture reporting are examples where electronic submissions have replaced paper.  Here are direct links to the most commonly used computer applications that forest licensees and government staff may use to facilitate electronic submissions.  Generally, users of these applications must have a BCeID (non-government users) or IDIR (government users) account.  A link to the BCeID site is also provided below.  Many of the applications require additional permissions that are granted by the particular system administrator.  For example, if you are submitting an FSP through the FSPTS, you need a business BCEID and "submitter" level access in the FSPTS.  Directions on how to get the appropriate level of access are provided on the home pages of each of the systems.

To check which permissions your account has, use the ADAM system (Authority Delegation and Management) system available at the following location:

Commonly Used Applications:

  • FSP Tracking System – provides secure storage and web-based availability of Forest Stewardship Plan documents and maps

  • FTA – Forest Tenure Administration system – FTA is government-internal Web-based application that manages the forest and range tenure administrative and legal business needs of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, the Ministry or Tourism Sports and Arts, the Oil and Gas Commission and the Integrated Land Management Bureau.

  • RESULTS – Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land Status Tracking System – tracks silviculture information by managing the submission of openings, disturbances, silviculture activities and obligation declarations.

  • HBS - The Harvest Billing System (HBS) – is a scale data management and invoicing system.  Scaling data is submitted by the Forest Industry to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations electronically or through online entry in HBS.

  • Key Applications


Non-government staff must have a valid BCEID to access most of these sites. Information on obtaining a BCEID is available at the following site: