Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

FRPA Objectives Pillar Workshops

As part of an effort to continuously improve the results of government actions taken by government agencies, the Provincial FRPA Implementation Team (PFIT) organized a 1.5 day workshop to share knowledge gained over the last four years as well as gather ideas and insight for improving future government actions. The following objectives were identified for the workshop:

  • Provide an overview of how legal actions (tools) work under FRPA.

  • Identify the different policies, procedures and administrative documents available to support Objectives Pillar actions under FRPA.

  • Generally describe the roles, responsibilities and considerations of decision-makers and their support staff in taking FRPA actions.

  • Examine some positive and negative aspects of the construct and content of legal orders/objectives.

  • Gather and share perspectives and experiences from other agencies and jurisdictions.

A team was formed to design and develop materials for the workshop through the Fall of 2009. The workshop was delivered in the Northern Interior Region on March 3-4, 2009 (Prince George) and the Southern Interior Region on March 10-11, 2009 (Kamloops). A workshop for the Coast Forest Region is under consideration for next fiscal year (2009/10).

The experiences and lessons learned are summarized in a follow-up report entitled Objectives Pillar Workshop – Summary Report FY08/9.

Presentation Materials

  1. Welcome (ppt).

  2. Why Objectives Pillar (ppt).

  3. How to write actions (ppt).

  4. What's Next (ppt).

  5. Compliance and Enforcement (ppt).

  6. Continuous Improvement (ppt).

  7. Collaboration (ppt).

  8. Professional Reliance (ppt).

Facilitation Materials

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