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FRPA Objectives Workshop - Oct 16, 2007

Information presented on this page reflects the experiences and opinions of the approximately 80 government and industry personnel who participated in the Provincial FRPA Implementation Team (PFIT) sponsored workshop held in Richmond BC on October 16, 2007.

The workshop focused on:

  1. Initiating a continuous improvement exercise by sharing “learning's” and experiences with the objectives pillar under FRPA;
  2. Identifying what is needed from objectives and orders under the FRPA model;
  3. Identifying needs for suitable implementation tools to use for actions taken under the objectives pillar; and
  4. Creating/enhancing a network for future dialogue and knowledge transfer.

Government personnel consisted of Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) staff with representation from Ministry of Environment (MoE) and Ministry of Tourism, Sports and the Arts (MTSA). Industry personnel included representation from the Council of Forest Industries (COFI) and the Coast Forest Products Association (CFPA).

The experiences and opinions summarised on this page were gathered through the following activities:

  • Presentations by government personnel on their experience in drafting and/or implementing objectives under the FRPA model; and
  • Break-out sessions covering four topic areas (listed below). Participants joined two break-out sessions to identify the successes and challenges they see in each topic area.

Readers should use caution when reviewing this information. The information in this document reflects the experiences and opinions of those who participated in the workshop—it does not reflect government or industry policy nor does it summarize the requirements in the legislation.


The following presentations were delivered at the PFIT Objectives Workshop. The presentations focused on how organizations are drafting and/or implementing objectives under the FRPA model—their successes, lessons learned and challenges identified

Perspective on Need for Objectives for FSP/Forest Management Direction

  1. New FRPA objectives (Land Use Regulation or GAR) Rory Annett, District Manager, Campbell River Forest District, MFR

  2. Legacy Higher Level Plans (HLP) Tom Volkers, District Manager, Headwaters Forest District, MFR

  3. Approved land use plans (LRMP) Bill Thibeault, District Manager, Vanderhoof Forest District, MFR

  4. GAR actions Stewart Guy, Ecosystems Branch, MoE

  5. First Nations issues/ influences on land use planning Darrell Robb, Aboriginal Affairs Branch , MFR

  6. Land Use Objectives: policy and procedures Angela von Sacken, Strategic Land Policy and Legislation Branch, MAL

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