Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

FSP Extensions

Forest Stewardship Plans (FSP’s) have been the primary plan governing forest activities in BC since the enactment of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) several years ago.  FRPA enabled FSP’s and had transition provisions to guide replacement of the Forest Development Plans (FDP’s) with FSP’s.  Approval of new FSP’s began slowly in 2005, peaked in 2007, and subsided to steady state levels by 2009.

Most FSP’s have generally been approved with a 5 year term (the maximum allowed) so the expiries will follow a similar pattern five years after initial approval.  A spreadsheet and chart of expected expiries is available at:!publish/fsp/business/all-province-fsps-2010-06-07.xlsx

Holders of FSP’s have a choice of letting the FSP expire, extending the FSP, or replacing it with a new FSP.  This web page is meant to provide a source of information for those intending to extend their FSP’s.

  • Training package – Forest Tenures Branch Staff have visited several districts in the Southern Interior and Coast Areas of B.C.  Plans are afoot for further district visits – Contact Paul Picard for further information.

  • Business Flowchart – The Coast Region FRPA Implementation Team has put together a business process document pertaining to extensions.  This provides a thorough view of the process in the Coast Area and is broadly applicable in the rest of the Province.

  • FSP Tracking System (FSPTS) – the FSPTS provides a simple process for extending FSP’s.  All FSP holders are encouraged to use the FSPTS.

  • FSPTS Extension Guide

  • FSPTS Extension quick Reference Guide

  • FSP Extension Bulletin