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In 1996, the Stand Modelling Group of the B.C. Ministry of Forests and Range Research Branch initiated the Pothole Creek project to investigate uneven-aged interior Douglas-fir (IDF) stand dynamics. A study area was established in the Thompson Dry Cool variant of the Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone (IDFdk1) near Merritt, B.C. The purpose of completed and ongoing research is to learn about the biology of tree growth and stand development, to develop growth and yield models, and to integrate them into decision support systems for silvicultural and timber supply planning.

This website describes the Pothole Creek Study - the projects designed to help us understand the biology of Interior Douglas-fir forests and the development of an uneven-aged yield model. There are pages discussing each project and study completed or underway at Pothole Creek, and a growing database of references for modelling and forest management. Note that most images are referenced to larger versions - see the larger version by clicking on the image.

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Funding support from Forest Renewal BC, and the Forest Investment Account Forest Science Program.

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