Codes & Standards

Official Codes

Official BGC codes database (BECdb)

BECdb is an MS ACCESS database that contains current codes and descriptions for the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification, by Ministry of Forests Region (e.g., Zone, Subzone, Variant, Variant Phase, Site Series, and Site Series Phase). Other codes and information will be added as they become available.

Official Provincial Plant Species Codes

The species code lists contain standardized eight-digit codes, tree species mensuration codes, full scientific names, common names, some synonyms, and various species attributes information for all vascular plants, bryophytes, and cryptogamm species found in British Columbia. Available in both MS ACCESS database or MS EXCEL spreadsheet formats.

LMH 25 - Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Field - 2nd Edition_2015_reprint

This updated manual describes the methods and codes standards for collecting data on the Ecosystem Field Form (FS882) and the Site Visit form (SIVI, FS1333).

Download PDF of FS882 (right click to save as)
Download PDF of FS1333 (right click to save as)

Describing ecosystems in the field: second edition: MOE manual 11

This manual from 1990 is the basis for LMH25 and describes methods of ecosystem plot data collection in detail. Note that there are some code revisions presented in LMH25- 2nd edition not presented in this report.

Ecosystem Mapping Accuracy and Timber Supply Applications

This document presents minimum map accuracy standards for the use of predictive ecosystem mapping (PEM) and terrestrial ecosystem mapping (TEM) in timber supply applications. (Prepared by D. Meidinger, July 2003.)