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For the FLNRO and MOTI Treatment Guidelines and Prescriptions for infestations on Crown lands see our Management page.

There is a large volume of invasive plant and related information available on this and other websites (please check out our links page). This Publications page focuses mainly on information relating to our Invasive Plant Program's procedures and guidelines (Reference Guide), risk assessments, technical and research reports, and biological control agent information.

The IAPP application training and reference section is of particular interest to those who are new to the application or have been away from it for a while.

Please review the table below to find the information category you are looking for; if your topic is not listed, please contact a member of our Invasive Plant Program staff.

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Invasive Plant Program Reference Guide

  • The Reference Guide Part I covers the business of invasive plant management, including prevention, planning, inventory, monitoring, and different treatment types.
  • The IAPP Reference Guide Part II, is the comprehensive, fully illustrated manual for IAPP Data Entry Version 1.6 [pdf, 2.6 MB]
  • The Reference Guide Part III explains how to optimize your use of Map Display, including the state-of-the-art Report-A-Weed wizard. [pdf, 1.9 MB]


Technical Reports & Dichotomous Keys

Risk Assessments

Core Invasive Plant Ranking Process Tool

Invasive Plant Species publications

Invasive Plants - Impacts & Control Methods

The IAPP Application Training Materials

Biocontrol Agents - Operational Field Guides

Bioagent Attacks Agent type Published
Agapeta zoegana Diffuse knapweed, Meadow knapweed, Spotted knapweed Root feeding moth March 1998
Cochylis atricapitana
(Appendix I)
Longitarsus jacobaeae
(Appendix H)
Tyria jacobaeae
(Appendix G)
Operational Field Guide to the Establishment of Tansy Ragwort Biocontrol Agents in BC.
Contains the descriptions and details for all three bioagents as separate appendices. You may also download each appendix individually at left.
Root crown feeding moth;

Root feeding flea beetle;

Foliar feeding moth
June 2013
Cyphocleonus achates Diffuse knapweed, Spotted knapweed Root feeding beetle March 1998
Larinus minutus Diffuse knapweed, Meadow knapweed, Spotted knapweed Seed feeding beetle March 1999
Larinus obtusus Diffuse knapweed, Meadow knapweed, Spotted knapweed Seed feeding beetle July 2002
Larinus planus Bull thistle, Canada thistle, Nodding thistle, Plumeless thistle Seed feeding beetle May 2001
Mecinus janthinus Dalmatian toadflax, Yellow/common toadflax Stem mining beetle May 2000
Mogulones crucifer Hound's-tongue Root feeding beetle May 2004
Rhinusa antirrhini Dalmatian toadflax, Yellow/common toadflax Seedhead feeding beetle May 2008
Urophora cardui Canada thistle Stem gall-forming fly December 2009

Biocontrol Manuals & Handbooks

Biocontrol Info Pages

Biocontrol Newsletters

Educational Materials

Coastal Weed Poster with 50 species


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