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Invasive Plant Program

Who We Are

FLNRO's Invasive Plant Program delivers invasive plant management through operational inventories, risk assessments, a range of management activities (e.g., surveys, treatments, and monitoring), and the development of new biological control agents. Collaboration with other land managers and stakeholders is integral to long-term success.

Purpose and Goals

The Invasive Plant Program's purpose is to prevent potential, and control existing, invasive plant species to protect ecological, social, and economic values.
The program's goals are to:

  1. Administer ministry invasive plant legislation
  2. Prevent the establishment of new invasive plants to BC
  3. Contain the spread of high-risk invasive plant species with a limited distribution in BC
  4. Reduce the impacts of well-established invasive plants
  5. Provide expert information, advice and tools on invasive plant management
  6. Ensure efficient program delivery and effectiveness

Provincial Invasive Species Strategy

The current Invasive Plant Program Strategic Plan, in effect from 2014 to 2019, may be downloaded here.

iPad forms coming this summer

Coming to an iPad near you:

Field Forms for iPad
In response to our IAPP users who are now collecting their field data on tablets, we will be creating a set of survey and treatment forms that can be used on iPads.

"Healthy, functioning BC ecosystems, free of the impacts of invasive plants."