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Japanese Beetle

 Invasive Japanese Beetle detected in Vancouver – Find out what is being done to address this regulated new invader:

Japanese Beetle Info

Japanese Beetle

Invasive Plant Management Strategy: Thompson-Nicola

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Invaders! Invasive Species in BC

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European fire ant on a peony

European fire ant - Myrmica rubra


Invasive Species of Concern

Priority Invasive Alien Species are either not present in BC, or are present but extremely limited in extent, and pose a significant threat to BC's environment, economy, and/or human health.
These priority species have been identified as a result of extensive reviews that considered:
  • their regulation and status in BC and bordering jurisdictions,
  • presence elsewhere in similar environments to those that occur in BC,
  • special designations by federal government agencies, and
  • the risk of establishment, spread and potential impact.

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