Sources for Information on BEC zones, subzones & known species distribution:

Biogeoclimatic information and known species distribution data are available from the BC Ministry of Forests and Range Invasive Alien Plant Program application (IAPP) Map Display, and species extracts from the IAPP database, at the MFR Range Branch IAPP page. Evaluate the data for the larger IAPP sites; they will provide a better understanding of the species distribution.

Biogeoclimatic subzone maps can be viewed or downloaded from the MFR Research Branch site.

Ecological descriptions of BEC subzones are available in the BC MFR Forest Region Land Management Handbooks, available from this site.

Habitat types may be determined from site series information included in:
BC MFR Forest Region Land Management Handbooks
Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory categories

Information for some aquatic species is available from Nature Serve.

Additional sources may include: