Range Branch (Provincial) & District Staff Contacts (Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO))

B.C. Government Directory

Contacts for employees contributing to Rangeland Management Operations from:

Range Branch and District Operations (MFLNRO).

Organization Title Name Phone
(Range Branch) RB Director Perry Grilz 250-614-7460
RB Deputy Directory, Range Operations Edi Torrans 250-371-3836  
RB Administrative Services Officer Darlene Dresser 250-371-3827
RB Range Policy and Legislation Officer Jody Kekula 250-861-7627
RB Team Leader, Ecosystem Restoration Al Neal 250-342-4208
RB Range Tenures Specialist Rae Haddow 250-442-4377
RB Range Policy Specialist Lisa Moore 250-692-2247
RB Grazing Lease Administrator Cindy Lequereux 250-377-3172
RB Range Stewardship Officer Francis Njenga 250-371-3828
RB Range Practices Specialist (North)

Lila Delury

RB Range Practices Specialist (South) Clayton Bradley 250-558-1752
RB Range Ecology Specialist (North) Nick Hamilton 250-614-7526
RB Range Ecology Specialist (South)
RB Rangeland Analyst Nancy Elliot 250-371-3823
RB Invasive Plant Officer Val Miller 250-825-1166
RB Invasive Plant Specialist, Nelson/Kootenays Catherine MacRae 250-825-1159
RB Invasive Plant Specialist, Southern Interior Sheryl Wurtz 250-371-3782
RB Invasive Plant Specialist, Coast Becky Brown 250-356-6646
RB Invasive Plant Technician Judith Carder 250-356-9195
RB Invasive Species Database Specialist Mike Shasko 250-356-9511
RB BioControl Specialist Susan Turner 250-828-4596
RB BioControl Technician Sandy Cesselli 250-828-4912
RB BioContol Technician Marsha DeWolf 250-828-4582
RB Invasive Plant Specialist, Northern BC Denise McLean 250-614-7433  
Regional Resource Operations  
Regional Resource Operations Research Range Ecologist
Regional Resource Operations Range Ecologist - Soils

Brian Wallace

District Operations  
Chilliwack See Cascades
Nadina Range Officer Ken Chalmers 250-692-2238
Nadina Range Agrologist
Nadina Resource Clerk
Fort Nelson Contact Peace (below)
Peace Section Head Layne Lybbert 250-784-1264
Peace District Agrologist Mahesh Kc 250-784-1281
Peace District Agrologist Marika Cameron


Peace Junior Range Technologist Caitlin Russell


Peace District Range Technician William Shaw


Peace Resource Clerk Diana Hart 250-784-1212
Peace Resource Manager Marianne Johnson 250-784-1245
Prince George District Range Officer Taylor Grafton 250-614-7400
Skeena-Stikine Range Officer Marc Schuffert 250-847-6329
Skeena-Stikine C & E Technologist Kate Pottinger 250-842-7693
Vanderhoof Operations Manager Lori Borth 250-567-6386
Vanderhoof Range Officer Karen Tabe 250-567-6318
Vanderhoof Natural Resource Specialist Christine Friedrichsmeier 250-567-6392
100 Mile House Range Officer Diane Brown 250-395-7828
100 Mile House Range Technician Drew Buis


100 Mile House Range Agrologist Eleanor Bassett 250-395-7874
100 Mile House Range Agrologist Kevin Eastwood 250-317-7849
Selkirk Range Officer Alisa Siemens 250-442-5427
Selkirk Range Agrologist Sarah Schwarz 250-442-4386
Central Cariboo Range Officer Chris Armes 250-398-4362
Central Cariboo District Agrologist

Kassia James

Central Cariboo District Agrologist Trisha Nairn 250-398-4358
Central Cariboo District Agrologist Morgan Mueller 250-398-4242
Central Cariboo District Agrologist Cynthia Fell 250-398-4321
Cariboo/Chilcotin District Agrologist Lucy Jones 250-394-4706
Cariboo/Chilcotin Range Technician Connie Haley 250-394-4700
Cascades Range Officer Rene Garcia-Daguer 250 378-8477
Cascades District Agrologist Philip Gyug 250-378-8476
Cascades District Agrologist Cara Haywood-Farmer 250-378-8404
Cascades District Agrologist Ried McTavish 250-378-8487
Cascades District Agrologist Rachel Whitehouse 250-378-8406
Cascades Authorizations Administrator Renata Vallee 250-378-8409
Thompson Rivers Range Officer Cardell Dumais 250-371-6607
Thompson Rivers District Agrologist Zoe Simon 250-371-6500
Thompson Rivers District Agrologist Andrew Volo 250-371-6222
Thompson Rivers District Agrologist Barb Wheatley 250-371-6213
Thompson Rivers District Agrologist Krista Barton 250-371-6549
Okanagan-Shuswap Range Officer Rob Dinwoodie 250-558-1768
Okanagan-Shuswap District Agrologist Charles Oduro 250-260-4614
Okanagan-Shuswap District Agrologist Kyra Witt 250-558-1700
Okanagan-Shuswap District Agrologist Sarah Mortenson 250-550-2214
Okanagan-Shuswap District Agrologist Harold Hetherington 250-260-4605
Quesnel Range Officer Sandra Latin 250-992-4482
Quesnel Range Agrologist

Tim Singer

Rocky Mountain Range Officer Shawna Larade 250-426-1700
Rocky Mountain Range Agrologist Hanna McIntyre 250-489-8548