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BC Proposed Prohibited Noxious Weeds

The following invasive plant species are not present in BC or are present but extremely limited in extent, and pose a significant threat to BC's environment, economy, and/or human health. These species have been identified as a result of an extensive review that considered their regulation and status in BC and bordering jurisdictions, presence elsewhere in similar environments to those that occur in BC, and listing on the Canada Food Inspection Agency Least Wanted Plant List (2010). These invasive plant species are proposed BC Prohibited Noxious Weeds and candidates for the BC Early Detection Rapid Response Program.

You may download the complete list of BC Proposed Prohibited Noxious Weeds here as a pdf file.

Invasive Plant Alerts are available for a number of species; more alerts are created on an ongoing basis.
For a current listing and information on high priority species visit the Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group's Priority Invasive Species page

"Healthy, functioning BC ecosystems, free of the impacts of invasive plants."