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Provincial Range Operations / Invasive Plant Program

The Invasive Plant Program is responsible for inventory and control of new and existing invasive plant incidences on Crown land in BC, and for the development of new biological control agents.

Program staff are responsible for logistics planning, client interactions, and legislative aspects related to preventing the introduction or spread of invasive plants. Implemented control strategies are consistent with the principles of integrated pest management, and treatment methods include prevention, cultural, manual / mechanical, chemical and biological control.

Monitoring is an essential follow-up to treatments, in order to measure efficacy and make adjustments to future treatments. The Invasive Plant Program works in co-operation with the many local invasive plant/weed committees established across the province.

Invasive Plant Program staff:

Val Miller Invasive Plant Officer and Program Team Lead
Catherine MacRae Invasive Plant Specialist (Southern Border)
Sheryl Wurtz Invasive Plant Specialist (Southern Interior)
Denise McLean Invasive Plant Specialist (Northern BC & Haida Gwaii)
Becky Brown Invasive Plant Specialist (Provincial EDRR)
Susan Turner Invasive Plant Biocontrol Specialist
Mike Shasko Invasive species data analyst
Judith Carder Inter-Ministry Coordinator
Sandy Cesselli Biocontrol Field Technician
Marsha DeWolf Biocontrol Propagation Technician

"Healthy, functioning BC ecosystems, free of the impacts of invasive plants."