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Invasive Plant Program - Biological Control

The Biocontrol Development staff of FLNRO's Invasive Plant Program provide new biocontrol agents to invasive plant managers in British Columbia by enabling research into potential new biocontrol agents and developing received agents into management tools.

The goal of the biocontrol program is to reduce invasive plant populations to ecologically and economically acceptable levels, and to prevent invasive plant encroachment into new areas.

To carry out this goal FLNRO staff use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which involves:
  • prevention of invasive plant encroachment;
  • hand pulling;
  • seeding;
  • clipping;
  • herbicide spraying and
  • biological control.
Our extensive biocontrol pages offer a wealth of information, from details on the biocontrol screening process to individual bioagent descriptions.

"Healthy, functioning BC ecosystems, free of the impacts of invasive plants."