Key Functions
  • Oversees administration of grazing and hay-cutting licences and permits under the Range Act.
  • Administers the grazing lease program under the Lands Act.
  • Provides advice on matters related to range legislation and policy.

Legislation & Policies

The Range Program supports the economic viability of existing ranching operations in British Columbia by ensuring continued access to Crown land for grazing and haycutting purposes.

The Province of British Columbia (the Province) manages the use of the Crown range resource through tenures issued under both the Range Act and Land Act.  These tenures are administered by Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Range staff in districts throughout the Province.

Grazing and hay-cutting tenures (licenses and permits) are issued under the Range Act as either a licence (15-25 year term) or a permit (up to a 10 year term).  Availability of Range Act Tenures and application requirements can be discussed with District Range staff.

Grazing leases are a 20 year tenure issued under the Land Act.  They are administered and renewed by Provincial and District Range staff.  Applications for new grazing leases are not available.  An existing grazing lease can be applied for upon its expiry only by the existing lessee. The Grazing Lease Program under the Land Act is not accepting applications for new Grazing Leases.

More information about Grazing Leases

2018 Crown Range Rents and Fees - Grazing and Haycutting Licence or Permit (not Leases)

Rates for authorized forage and tonnes of hay on Crown range in 2018 as calculated under Range Act Regulation Sections 15 and 16 are:

Grazing Licence or Permit

$3.63 - Per Animal Unit Month Grazing Fee

$0.20 - Per Animal Unit Month Grazing Ground Rate

$3.83 - Total Grazing Fees Per Animal Unit Month (AUM)

Hay-cutting Licence or Permit

$10.90 - Per Tonne Hay-Cutting Fee

$0.60 - Per Tonne Ground Rent

$11.50 - Total Hay-Cutting Fees Per Tonne

The Goods and Services Sales Tax (G.S.T.) applies to all charges.

In accordance with Section 13 of the Range Act, Range Regulation amended December 14, 2014, an annual fee for licences and permits of $25.00 plus GST will be charged per tenure.

If you have any questions please contact Rae Haddow, Rangeland Policy Specialist, 250 442-4377.