Key Functions
  • Maintains a Provincial Range Reference Area program.
  • Determines plant community composition and productivity on Crown rangelands.
  • Provides advice to districts on plant community response to grazing and other disturbance.

Range Ecology


Sustainable livestock operations depend on healthy plant communities. Rangeland ecology studies relationships amongst plants, animals and their environment to achieve desired management objectives (e.g., maintain or improve current plant communities, sustain livestock production, provide wildlife habitat).

Range ecology supports land management by answering:

  • How does grazing (and grazing exclusion) impact the structure and composition of a plant community, particularly over time?
  • What is the impact of fire on rangeland ecosystems?
  • How important are biotic crusts to rangeland health, particularly in arid plant communities?

Range Ecologists work with Range Practices Agrologists by supporting development of sound monitoring procedures that evaluate condition and functionality of rangeland.


New-cube (43K)Range Type Descriptions

Range Reference Areas of British Columbia

Rangelands and Fire

Biological Soil Crusts - What are they?

Who to Contact for More Information

For further information - contact one of the Range Ecology Specialists:

  • Francis Njenga (Kamloops): 250-371-3828
  • Nick Hamilton (Prince George): 250-614-7526