The RESULTS (Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land status Tracking System) application tracks silviculture information by managing the submission of Openings, Disturbances, Silviculture activities and Obligation declarations as required by the Forest and Range Practices legislation.

Data submitted under the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) is explicitly linked to associated spatial information, thereby ensuring consistency in the geographic information.  Information is accessible at all times to Ministry and forest industry staff either on-line or through various reports.  All data (including Spatial data) is replicated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands - Integrated Land Management Bureau's Land Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW) and can be viewed in RESULTS using MapView.  Information providers may subscribe to the LRDW Distribution Service where users can order data for download from the warehouse.

Ongoing updates to this site provide stakeholders with information and status of the project.

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