Visual Landscape Design - Interactive Multimedia Training Troubleshooting  

This page contains troubleshooting tips and support for the VLD Multimedia Interactive Training.

Flash Player Plug-in Installation (for online training):  

Testing the plug-in: The online version of this training uses the Macromedia Flash 6 browser plug-in.  The specific plug-in version required for the VLD training is (or higher).  If you can see the animation below, you already have Flash installed, and your version is displayed beside the animation.  This page is designed to begin the Flash Player plug-in installation if it is not detected on your computer.  To install the player, answer "Yes" to any Flash installation screens that appear.

If you cannot see the animated flash icon below, refer to Macromedia's help file on installing the flash plug-in, and setting up your browser to allow Flash content to be displayed.


General Issues:

The training does not fit on my screen (All versions):  As outlined in the computer requirements, this training requires a minimum 800x600 screen resolution.  To check your screen resolution:

  • Right-click on a blank area of your Windows desktop, and then select "Properties" from the menu that appears.
  • From the Display Properties window, select the "Settings" tab on the top right.
  • On the settings screen, make sure the screen area slider is 800x600 or greater.
  • Change settings if necessary, and press Ok.

The training is quiet, even with training volume turned up (All versions):  The volume control in the training does not control the main Windows volume.  If the Windows volume is turned down low, the loudest training volume setting will be low as well.  To ensure your Windows volume is turned up, double click on the volume control icon on the bottom right of your computer screen (the little speaker icon on the taskbar) to open the Windows volume control panel.  Turn up both the "Play Sound" control and the "Wav/DirectSound" control sliders, and make sure that both "mute" checkboxes are deselected.

Pop-up blocking (Online version): This training uses a pop-up window to display the training. If you are running pop-up blocking software or Windows XP SP2, you may have to permit this window to open to view the training. For users with Windows XP SP2 refer to Microsoft's information on pop-up blocking from Microsoft. For third party pop-up blockers like search toolbars and installed utilities, refer to your third-party software documentation.

Enabling Javascript or Active Scripting (Online version): You will also need Javascript or active scripting enabled on your computer. If you are using Internet Explorer and cannot launch the training, refer to Enable Javascript or Active Scripting or Microsoft Help.

The online lessons take a long time to preload (Online version): The amount of preloading that occurs before a lesson will play depends on the speed of your Internet connection.  If the connection between your computer and the Training servers is slow, you may need to use the CDROM Version.  To access the CDROM version, view the Training Access Page.

The training does not start automatically when I insert the CD (CD version):  Your autorun feature in Windows is likely disabled or not functioning properly.  To start the training manually:

  • Open Windows Explorer, "right click" on your CD Drive Icon and choose "explore".
  • From the contents of the VLD training CD, double-click on the StartTraining Icon.
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