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Windthrow Assessment. Reducing Windthrow in Partial Cuts and RMAs.

Purpose of this exercise is to:

  • provide learners with further practice in field assessment including recognition of hazard indicators
  • have learners consider biophysical hazard, treatment risk and potential impacts and comment on prescription modifications for different target stands (e.g., uniform thin vs group openings).
Learning Objectives
  • learn how to recognize indicators of biophysical hazard in the field
  • learn how to assess treatment risk in the field
  • gain experience in recommending prescription modifications to reduce windthrow risk in partial cuts and RMAs

This exercise was designed to be carried out in the field. Be sure to prepare properly by wearing all appropriate field gear including a hard hat. You will be working with the FS 712 field cards. Work with a local expert to arrange visits to suitable sites in your area. Contact a colleague familiar with windthrow hazard and history in your area and arrange to take a tour together. The text that follows is for information only.

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