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Quiz - Windthrow Concepts and Assessment Principles

Learning outcome:
  • Learn the role wind damage plays in BC's forests and the impacts it can have on integrated resource management prescriptions.
Assessment Questions:
  1. Why would two interior regions, Kamloops and Nelson, have the highest windthrow damage rates in the 1992 provincial survey?

A) interior trees are not as strong as coastal trees
B) the coastal survey was incomplete
C) the environmental and stand management factors in these regions have created more damage from windthrow
D) these regions have a high proportion of susceptible stands
E) interior winds are stronger than coastal winds
F) shallow soils occur throughout the interior.

  1. How is windthrow damage similar to fire and insect pest damage?

A) it is episodic
B) it occurs on a province-wide scale at roughly the same intensity
C) it varies from year to year
D) it is a natural distubance agent
E) all of the above

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