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Hazard Assessment

Fir in Chilcotin; open uniform stand. Show Larger Image

Are some stands a higher risk than others?

Open Fir Stand

In open uniform stands, trees have grown with full exposure to wind with deep crowns, tapered stems and flat tops.

The diagnostic question for stand hazard is 'are individual trees within the stand adapted to peak wind loads?'

Open grown trees adapt to wind loads. Stand grown trees are sheltered by and damp with their neighbours. As dense stands grow taller, the trees become more slender and less stable.

In very high density, short stands, the individual trees may have low windfirmness, but because they get hung up in the canopy as they fall, the stand edge remains stable during the high wind event. In this case stand hazard is 'low.'

Live crown ratio of codominants is a good indicator of stand density.



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