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This Windthrow on-line course is built from the 'Windthrow Workshop,' which merges and updates (in 2000) material presented in the 'Windthrow Management' and 'Windthrow Prescription Workshops,' developed and produced by Steve Mitchell and Ken Zielke with BCMOF funding in 1996 and 1997. The advisory team for the original workshops consisted of Peter Bradford of Silviculture Branch, Dave Coates of Prince Rupert Forest Region, Allan Cowan of Fisheries Canada, Rory Hill of TimberWest Forest Ltd., Mike Jull of Prince George Forest Region, Kerry McGourlick of Western Forest Products Ltd., and Terry Rollerson and Chuck Rowan of Vancouver Forest Region.

Funding for the 2000 update was provided by the BCMOF Forest Practices Branch and FRBC. Mel Scott (BCMOF Forest Practices Branch) administered the project. Current, unpublished research results were provided by Chuck Rowan (BCMOF Vancouver Forest Region), Terry Rollerson (Golder and Associates), Kerry McGourlick (Western Forest Products), and Michael Novak (University of BC Department of Soil Sciences).

This on-line version was designed and built by TM NewMedia in 2002 with funding from FRBC. Mel Scott, Kathy Hopkins and Colleen Cotter played key roles in reviewing the converted content.

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