1 Definition of a Silvicultural System 4 The Decision Process Appendix 1 Answer Key
2 Major Types of Systems 5 There's More to Learn Appendix 2 Advantages and Disadvantages
3 Variations of Major Types 6 Implementation Appendix 3 References

What Have You Learned

  1. What is the difference between clearcutting in terms of a silvicultural system and clearcutting as a style of logging?

  1. Describe all the differences between a seed tree system and a shelterwood system in both function and structure.

  1. Describe the four potential shelterwood harvesting entries and the goals for each entry.

  1. When does a seed tree system become a shelterwood system? What density of trees constitutes a seed tree as opposed to a shelterwood? Explain why these are difficult questions to answer.

  1. A successful selection system depends on two principles of uneven-aged management. What are they?

  1. What is selective logging and what is its relationship to the selection system?

  1. Explain the coppice system and suggest how it may be applied in BC.

  1. Define patch cut and explain why it is presented separately from the clearcut system.

  1. Why might we use the seed tree with reserves system? Can other systems also be used with reserves?

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