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A Sprouting Concern

A very enthusiastic, but inexperienced young silviculturist is inspecting a five-year-old cutblock in the interior with an older forester. The young forester is fresh from an introductory course in silvicultural systems and is keen to use the terms he has learned. On the cutblock the young forester observes Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine interspersed with rapidly sprouting birch stumps. The birch sprouts cover approximately 50% of the block by area. No overstorey trees were left.

Illustration of case study.

The young forester reads "clearcut" under silvicultural system in the pre-harvest prescription. He turns to the older forester and says, "Technically, you know this is a coppice system with standards until the birch sprouts are eliminated through brushing, at which point I would call it a clearcut."

"Whoa, hold on there young fella!" the older forester exclaims. "I think you still have a lot to learn here."

Why do you think the older forester responded in this way?


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Case Study