1 Definition of a Silvicultural System 4 The Decision Process Appendix 1 Answer Key
2 Major Types of Systems 5 There's More to Learn Appendix 2 Advantages and Disadvantages
3 Variations of Major Types 6 Implementation Appendix 3 References

How well do you know your silvicultural systems?

Much of this booklet discusses terminology. Terms and definitions are only useful if they are uniformly understood and communicated in the same context. Test your own understanding of a silvicultural system first with the quiz below:

Which of the following terms do you think describes a silvicultural system?

seed tree
partial cutting
selective logging
group shelterwood
commercial thinning
sanitation cutting
nurse-crop shelterwood
group selection
crown thinning
high-lead system
selection thinning
new forestry system
strip selection
retention system

How did you do?

Answer. If you have any questions regarding any of the terms listed above, write them down and review them after you have completed Part 1.

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