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The Root Disease Management Training Course has been developed to provide training in root disease management to forestry management personnel working in the various regions of the province. The course has been structured to follow the Root Disease Management Guidebook (RDM Guide). In fact, one of the main reasons for the development of the course is the need to to introduce this guide to forestry professionals and technicians; the RDM Guide supports the associated sections of the Forestry Practices Code and regulations and standards and provides a methodology for the management of root disease.

In addition, and no less importantly, the course is intended to give you practical, hands-on experience in root disease identification and management through various exercises, discussions and field sessions.


The Root Disease Management Training Course is delivered in five sections: three classroom sessions and two filed sessions. The length of these sessions, their emphases, and order of their presentation may be adjusted by the instructor according to the general knowledge of your participant group and the logistical requirements of the field sessions. For a complete list of subjects which will be covered during the course, refer to the list above.

Layout of the Participant's Guide

This On-Line Participant's Guide has been designed to follow the content of the instructor's presentation; each section in this guide displays a copy of the overhead used in the course, as well as a list of learning objectives which are to be met in each learning session. Exercises which will be conducted during the course are detailed in the appropriate locations.

Acronym Glossary

Your Participant's Guide also contains an acronym glossary related to root disease identification.

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