Field Session

Silviculture Prescription Walkthrough Reconnaissance and Disease Assessment and Stratification Survey

Day 2 - Field Session 2

Perform/Observe Steps 2 and 3 of the Five-Phase Management Process - about 4 hours

  1. Perform a Silviculture Prescription Walkthrough Reconnaissance
  2. Determine the level of disease
  3. Recommend for or against a survey and a survey method
  4. Observe a survey which has been pre-arranged
  5. Observe the forest site and disease conditions where data were collected for use in Classroom Session 3

Participant Objectives


  1. Perform a silviculture walkthrough assessment and discuss results in view of the threshold tables on pages 37 and 38 of the RDM Guide (Step 2).
  2. Based on walkthrough observations, determine whether a survey is necessary; if so, discuss the types of surveys which would be suitable and the reasons supporting this recommendation (preparing for Step 3).
  3. Examine the survey which the instructor has prepared ahead of time.
  4. Visually assess the results of the instructor's prepared survey.
  5. Discuss the reasons why this survey type was chosen.
  6. Observe forest site and disease conditions where data were collected which will be used in Classroom Session 4.

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