Acronym Glossary

AAC - Allowable annual cut
Ba - Amabilis fir (abies amabilis)
BEC - Biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification
Bg - Grand Fir (abies grandis)
BWBS - Boreal White and Black Spruce Zone
CDF - Costal Douglas-Fir Zone
Cw - Western Redcedar (thuja plicata)
CWH - Coastal Western Hemlock Zone
Cy - Yellow-cedar (chamaecyparis nootkatensis)
DRA - Armillaria Root Disease
DRB - Blackstain Root Disease
DRL - Laminated Root Rot
DRN - Annosus Root Disease
DRT - Tomentosus Root Rot
E - Birch (betula spp.)
ESSF - Engelmann Spruce Subalpine Fir Zone
Fd - Douglas-fir (pseudotsuga menziesii)
FG - Free-growing
HM - Mountain hemlock (tsuga mertensiana)
Hw - Western hemlock (tsuga heterophylla)
IBD - Douglas-fir Beetle
ICH - Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone
IDF - Interior Douglas Fir Zone
ILM - Intersection Length method
IMPS - Intensity Measuring Pixel Survey
Lw - Western larch (larix occidentalis)
MS - Montane Spruce Zone
NP - Not productive
NR - Not recommended
NSR - Not satisfactorily restocked
NT - Not tested
PCT - Pre-commercial thinning
PI - Lodgepole Pine (pinus contorta)
PP - Ponderosa Pine Zone
Pw - Western white pine (pinus monticola)
Py - Ponderosa pine (pinus ponderosa)
RRSAMP - Root Rot Sampling Computer Program
S - Spruce (picea spp)
SBPS - Sub-boreal Pine and Spruce Zone
SBS - Sub-boreal Spruce Zone
Se - Engelmann spruce (picea engelmannii)
sph - Stems per hectare
Ss - Sitka spruce (picea sitchensis)
Sx - Intermediate spruce hybrid crosses (picea crosses)
TSA - Timber Supply Area
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