Root Disease Management Course - Preparation

DAY 1 - Classroom Session 1 Participant Objectives:
 Introduction, Overview, Expectations, Preparation - About 10 minutes  Understand the skills which should be obtained through this course
 Instructions  Key Points  Visual Aid


You may want participants to complete additional reading which is important but which won't be covered during the course. Additional reading may include bulletins available from the Ministry of Forests, and other material you feel is appropriate.


Field sessions require special preparations. Brief participants on what they will need to bring to the field sessions.

You may want to add more detail about the sites you'll be visiting in order generate enthusiasm for the trips.









Don't forget your own equipment needs; see the front of this guide for more complete instructions on field session preparations.



If your participants are from out of town and don't have access to kitchen facilities, you'll need to provide them with bag lunches.




You'll need to provide participants with these handouts.



Additional Participant Reading (optional)

It is suggested/expected that participants will read the following:

(instructor to make own notes here)

Field Session Preparation

  • For Field Session 1

During Field Session 1, you will be visiting sites to perform Root Disease Identification in the field.

Other field work will include: _

You are to meet at__location at_o'clock

Lunch will/will not be provided

  • For Field Session 2

During Field Session 2, you will be visiting sites to perform a Silviculture Walkthrough Assessment and observe a survey which will be prepared ahead of time (time does not allow us to conduct a survey during the class).

Other field work will include:_

You are to meet at__ location at_ o'clock.

Lunch will/will not be provided

  • Preparation for Both Field Sessions

You should be prepared for both field sessions by wearing/bringing the following:

Suitable clothing and footwear (each field session will last about four hours); don't forget rain gear

A knife

A Pulaski or similar tool

A hip chain

Your Participants' Guidebook

The Field Guide to Pests of Managed Forests in British Columbia


The handouts given to you by the instructor of site maps and exercise instructions









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