Root Disease Management Course - FIELD SESSION 1

DAY 1 - Field Session 1 Participant Objectives:


  Preparation and Instructions

You are responsible for making all arrangements for Field Session 1. The following is a "reminder" list; for complete instructions, see the section on Field Session Preparation at the beginning of this guide.

· Selecting the site (s)

· Preparing to lecture on the root diseases visible at the site

· Arranging transportation

· Preparing handout material including site maps and exercise instructions

· Providing lunches, if your participants are from out-of-town and don't have access to kitchen facilities

· reminding participants to bring/wear appropriate equipment

For a complete list of preparatory arrangements, see the section on "Preparation: Field Sessions" in the Introduction of this guide.

You should encourage the use of the identification tools in the RDM Guidebook during this field session. Review these tools with the participants:

· Distribution maps, RDM Guidebook pp 8-13

· Table: Root Disease and Host Susceptibility, RDM Guidebook p 14

· Table: Signs and Symptoms of Disease, RDM Guidebook p 15-18


Try to select a site (s) which contains examples of more than one disease and varying conditions (mature forests, regenerated forests, different zones, species, in combination with other pathogens, variance in life cycle stage, etc.).

You may also want your participants to begin practicing Step 2 of the Five Phase Management Process -the Silviculture Walkthrough Reconnaissance-while they are gaining experience in identifying root disease. If so, you should review this process with them as well as the threshold tables (pp 3738 in the RDM Guidebook) before beginning the Identification session.

Finally, although you will cover the topic of survey types in detail during Field Session 2, you may want your participants to begin thinking about various alternatives during this field session as well. If so, you should lead a brief discussion at the end of the field session.


Exercise Ideas for Root Disease Identification in the Field


1. Begin an initial identification through lecture and demonstration.

2. Continue to work with the participants but ask them to actively engage in identification.

3. Divide students into small groups (2 or 3 people) and ask them to conduct identification In different parts of the site(s). Ask them to return in a set period of time with, if possible, samples, and be prepared to identify and discuss what they've found.

4. Discuss the level of disease observed in light of Step 2 in the Five-Phase Management Process.

5. Discuss forest practices which could help/hurt the root disease observed.

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