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Where to Go for More Information

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Lesson Objectives

Learn where to go for more information and review the information provided in the classroom session.

Where to Go for More Information

As discussed in previous sections, more information is available on SI and the methods for estimating it.

The SI Decision Key lists several sources of information on site index (see Appendix 4).

To discuss site index in silviculture surveys and prescriptions, contact:

Pat Martin
Stand Development Specialist
Forest Practices Branch
Ministry of Forests
Phone: (250) 356-0305
e-mail: Pat.Martin@gems8.gov.bc.ca

To discuss research into site index, contact:

Gord Nigh
Research Branch
Ministry of Forests
Phone: (250) 387-3093
email: Gordon.Nigh@gems2.gov.bc.ca

For more information on the provincial group that coordinates site productivity developments, visit the Site Productivity Working Group web site: https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hre/spwg/index.htm

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