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1. Use an Accurate Method to Determine Age

2. Take a Quality Increment Core

3. Prepare the Surface for Counting

4. Locate the First Ring

5. Carefully Count Rings

6. Correctly Account for the Last Ring

7. Double Check

8. Office Counting

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7. Double Check

It is useful to double check your age determination every now and again. On small trees it is relatively quick and easy to compare the age determined by counting whorls to the age determined by felling or drilling the tree.

tip number atip number 7tip number 7

8. Office Counting

In some cases, you may want to take a disk cut from breast height or the increment core back to the office to count rings under improved light and magnification. To transport cores, place core in a plastic drinking straw and seal the ends of the straw.

tip number 8


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