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1. Use an Accurate Method to Determine Age

2. Take a Quality Increment Core

3. Prepare the Surface for Counting

4. Accurately Locate the Pith and First Ring

5. Carefully Count Rings

6. Correctly Account for the Last Ring

7. Double Check

8. Office Counting

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5. Carefully Count Rings

To help resolve questions while counting, roll the increment core over to look at all sides. On a cut face, look at rings around the complete surface to help resolve ring counting questions. You may improve your accuracy by using a hand lens and marking rings with a pencil while counting. Watch out for compression wood 1/2 rings.

tip number 5tip number 5

6. Correctly Account for the Last Ring

Make sure your method of counting rings takes account of the last ring that is pressed against the inner bark. The method of ring counting that is shown in the diagrams in this document is as follows:

  1. Do not count the pith
  2. Count the first ring around the pith as ring 1
  3. Count each ring out to the bark
  4. Count the last ring pressed against the inner bark.

tip number 6


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