Minimum Safety


This booklet has been produced by the Ministry of Forests for tree planters who work in British Columbia. It is intended to assist you in having a safe and prosperous planting season. It contains essential information that you will need to know before and during the planting season on:
  • the conditions you can expect
  • your rights and responsibilities for safety and health
  • your employer's responsibilities for safety and health.
Every safety and health regulation that applies to tree planting has not been listed. You have an obligation to become familiar with the regulations that apply to your work. Your employer must be able to provide you with copies of the regulations.

Have a safe and prosperous planting season!

Table of Contents

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10 Questions to ask Your Employer
How to prepare for work
Site hazards
Safe work procedures
First aid
Reporting accidents and injuries
Appendix 1- Emergency information


This document is intended for information purposes and is not legal advice or opinion. For advice on compliance with applicable safety and health legislation, please contact the local office of the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB). This material may not be reproduced or altered in any way without the expressed written permission of the Ministry of Forests.


The Ministry of Forests, Forest Practices Branch, gratefully acknowledges the contribution received from the following persons and organizations in the production of this handbook:
  • Jim Stobie, Human Resources Branch, Ministry of Forests, Victoria
  • Dave Rowe, Dave Blais and Jane Player, Workers' Compensation Board, Richmond
  • Dirk Brinkman, Western Silviculture Contractors' Association, New Westminster
  • Paul Rehsler, Silviculture Practices Branch, Ministry of Forests, Victoria
  • Greg Bell, G.A. Bell & Associates Ltd., Langley
Written and edited by Greg Bell