When workers are injured it is the employer's responsibility to:

  1. Arrange for immediate and continuing first aid treatment of injured worker.

  2. Have vehicle or boat ready for use at appropriate location when necessary. Written procedures for transporting patients must be formulated and adhered to.

  3. If emergency transportation is required, contact nearest doctor or transportation carrier. Maintain continual attendence at your communication centre. If difficulty is encountered in establishing contact, try alternative methods, or seek assistance to have message relayed. Describe nature of emergency including estimate of injury severity and age of worker involved. Advise whether patient is stretcher case or not.

Be prepared - plan

  • To prevent further aggravation of injuries
  • To give injured workers the best treatment obtainable in the shortest possible time.

Transportation of injured workers

Every employer shall, at their own expense, furnish to any worker injured in their employment, when necessary, immediate conveyance and transportation to a hospital or physician or qualified practitioner for initial treatment.