10 Questions for your employer
  1. What are my responsibilities for health and safety?

  2. What do I need to do to prepare for work as a tree planter? What type of physical conditioning exercises are needed? What tools, equipment, clothing and protective equipment are required?

  3. What training will I receive, and will it include training on the use of protective equipment? When will I receive this training?

  4. What are the job hazards associated with tree planting, and what are the specific site hazards at the location(s) where I will be working?

  5. How often are safety meetings held and what is my role in these meetings?

  6. Where is first aid and other emergency equipment located (e.g., fire fighting tools, fire extinguishers, etc.)?

  7. How do I get help when an injury occurs, and who needs to be informed about the injury?

  8. What are the emergency transportation plans for injured persons, and what are the other emergency plans (e.g., forest fires, etc.)?

  9. What type of accidents need to be reported and to whom do I report them?

  10. Who do I ask if I have more questions?