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ARCHIVED Training and Extension

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Habitat Supply Decision Support Workshop

This two-day workshop, held on February 28 – March 1, 2001 in Richmond, BC provided an overview of the current applications, and the extent of investment in habitat supply and biodiversity modeling in British Columbia. The workshop extends the state-of-the-art information in BC on:

  • Decision support tools that are available;
  • Recent applications that have been made in BC; and
  • Management questions that have been addressed.

View the workshop presentations and summary document.

Timber Supply Analysis Workshop

This workshop was originally designed for staff of the Ministry of Forests and Lands, Ministry of Environment, and forest industry companies who are involved in the Timber Supply Review (TSR) and/or the development of Silviculture Strategies.  It has been revised to reflect the changes in responsibility for TSR to licensees under the Defined Forest Area Management (DFAM) policy under development.  On completion, participants will:

  • understand the basic concepts of timber supply and timber supply analysis;
  • be familiar with the TSR process, and how to prepare the TSR Data Package; and
  • understand the rudiments of timber supply analysis using FSSIM, and preparing input files for FSSIM.

The final session introduces participants to forest-level silviculture planning.

This 4-day workshop involves equal proportions of classroom seminars and hands-on computer exercises. Previous experience with computers or modeling is not required for this course, but familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications would be helpful.

This course was developed, and is taught, by Cortex Consultants Inc. For further information, and to register for upcoming courses, contact Forestry Continuing Studies Network.