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ARCHIVED Provincial Silviculture Strategies

The following information provides the provincial incremental silviculture strategies and supporting background information. This information is intended to provide overall direction and context for the development of management unit specific silviculture strategies.

Type 4 Silviculture Strategy Overview and Procedures

  • 4 page description of what Type 4 silviculture strategies are
  • The current plan for this year and next
  •  Any short communication documents
  •  Any introductory PowerPoint presentations 
  • Basic requirements documents / contract documents that guide the development of the type 4 strategies

Provincial Silviculture Strategy Documents

The following summary document is an overview description of the Strategic Silviculture Planning Initiatives currently underway in BC. The initiatives include the development of provincial, regional and management unit silviculture strategies. It also describes the work underway to develop explicit linkages to the Resource Management Planning Process, budget allocations and performance measures. The document describes how Silviculture Strategies will become an appendix to Sustainable Forest Management Plans and will be one of basis for one-plan approval and the reduction or elimination of the need for officially required silviculture and stand management prescriptions

MS Powerpoint Presentations [Back to the TOP]

Plans to Programs: The Allocation of Incremental Silviculture Funds Within the Resource Management Plan Process  [Back to the TOP]

To view and print PDF documents, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free at the Adobe Web Site.