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ARCHIVED Habitat Supply

Habitat supply is an integral component of the Ministry of Forest’s Silvicultural Strategy. This web site was created to inform habitat supply professionals and forest managers about habitat supply and habitat supply modelling. The site provides access to documents, projects, ideas, and people working with habitat supply and habitat supply modelling in British Columbia.

Currently, the web site has 5 divisions:

Overview: The overview provides a short synopsis of habitat supply and habitat supply modelling.

Documents: Abstracts of a number of recent documents related to habitat supply are available on the site. Many of the documents on this site are provided initially in draft form in order to solicit comment.

Workshop: A two-day Habitat Supply Decision Support Workshop (February 28 � March 1, 2001, Richmond, BC) provided an overview of the current applications, and the extent of investment in habitat supply and biodiversity modelling in British Columbia. Full conference information, including presentations, is posted for reference.

Contacts: To assist with networking, the site will provide information on people working with habitat supply in British Columbia. Currently, we have only documented a short list of contacts. A more comprehensive list of contacts can be found in Diana Demarchi’s review document on the Documents page.

Related Links: A list of links to other web sites related to habitat supply is provided.

This web site was initiated in January 2001 primarily to make existing documentation available. However, we hope that the web site grows to become a primary source of habitat supply modelling information and activities in British Columbia. To make this growth happen, we require your input. If you wish to help, please send suggestions for additional documents, links, contacts, and web site format to Tory Stevens.