Evolution of the Forest Practices Code


The Forest Practices Code is a package of legislation, regulations and guidebooks which govern forest practices in British Columbia.

Development of the code began in 1991 and culminated with the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and its supporting regulations coming into force in June 1995 (two regulations and 20 guidebooks remain outstanding).

Implementation of the code's operational planning requirements is being phased-in over the first two-years to ensure an orderly, fair transition from the existing contractual framework for forest practices to the new statutory framework.

This document provides: a chronological summary of the code's development over the past four years; a description and status of each component of the code's regulatory framework, and a full list of the regulations and guidebooks; and, an overview matrix of the code's transitional provisions.

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History of the Forest Practices Code

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Status of Forest Practices Code development

Forest Practices Code of B.C. Act

Forest Practices Regulations

Provincial and Regional Guidebooks

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Code Implementation Schedule during transition

Jun 15 - Dec 15, 1995

Operational Plans:

Forest Practices:

Dec 15, 1995 - Jun 15, 1997

Operational Plans:

Forest Practices:

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List of Regulations

Planning Regulations:

Field Practice Regulations:

Administrative Regulations:

Enforcement Regulations:

Transitional Regulations:

Undrafted Regulations:

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