Public Influenence on Reforestation in British Columbia


Region Commercial Tree Species

Common Name Botanical Name
Coast Mountains and Islands western hemlock
western red cedar
amabilis fir
Douglas fir
(s. portions)
yellow cypress
sitka spruce
western white pine (s. portions)
grand fir (s. portions)
mountain hemlock (higher elev.)
subalpine fir (higher elev.)
red alder
black cottonwood
Tsuga heterophylla
Thuja plicata
Abies amabilis
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Picea sitchensis
Pinus monticola
Abies grandis
Tsuga mertensiana
Abies lasiocarpa
Alnus rubra
Populus trichocarpa
Northern and Central Plateaus and Mountains lodgepole pine
white spruce
hybrid white/Engelmann spruce
subalpine fir

black spruce
trembling aspen
Pinus contorta
Picea glauca
Picea glauca x engelmannii

Picea mariana
Populus tremuloides
Great Plains white spruce
trembling aspen

lodgepole pine
black spruce
balsam poplar
white birch

Populus balsamifera
Betula papyrifera
Interior Plateau Lodgepole pine
Douglas fir
(s. half)
White spruce (n. half)
Engelmann spruce (s. half)
hybrid white/Engelmann spruce (n. half)
subalpine Flr (n. half)
ponderosa pine (s. drier parts)
black spruce (n. portions)
trembling aspen
black cottonwood

Pinus ponderosa
Columbia Mountains & Southern Rockies western hemIock
western red cedar
Douglas fir
Engelmann spruce
white spruce
hybrid white/Engelmann spruce

lodgepole pine
mountain hemlock (high elev.)
subalpine fir
western larch
western white pine
ponderosa pine (drier parts)
grand fir (sw. portion)

Larix occidentalis
Table 2. Commercial Tree Species of B.C.'s Five Physiographic Regions. Major Species are highlighted in bold.

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